The Obverse Box

This is The Obverse Box. A limited edition of 50, custom-built, handheld LED projectors. Each projector contains Deru's album "1979", along with a short film for each song from the record. The Obverse Box is a modern-day time capsule and sculptural totem designed to honor the artifact left behind by Jackson Sonnanfeld-Arden - which originally held a small but puzzling collection of letters, photos, films, and wild ideas.

The Obverse Box comes in a one-of-a-kind hand-painted vintage wooden box and includes a unique set of ephemeral objects based on the contents of the original relic. 

Designed by Mark WisniowskiDeru, Jon Mendez, and Roberto Crespo.
Nine Pure Tones videos directed by Anthony Ciannamea / EFFIXX

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"1979" is now available physically and digitally via Friends of Friends Music.