The Obverse Box is a modern-day time capsule.


Based on a collection of found articles, letters, photos, and other ephemera left behind by the late philosopher Jackson Sonnanfeld-Arden - the original Obverse Box was discovered in 2003 by Deru at a flea market in Los Angeles. Our version of the time capsule is an homage to the ways we leave behind our documented

memories, in the spirit of the original relic. It ships loaded with Deru "1979" as a full-length video album to be experienced with real light and sound in physical space. This experience varies depending on the environment in which the object is used in. 




1979 is about memories, nostalgia, and the human experience. Memory is one of our greatest gifts; it gives us access to time, to identity, to dreams. Guided by the wisdom of Jackson Sonnanfeld-Arden, discoverer of the Nine Pure Tones, I created 1979 as a concept album through which I could share his brilliant theory, and my life-long infatuation with memory.

Before music was such an easily traded commodity, it was often an experience to which people gave their full attention. Let’s bring that experience back. Let’s respect what music is worth.

Yours in the waves,


This album is not just music. It is a sensory experience that changes drastically depending on the surface that it's projected, and the videos were designed with this experimentation in mind.

There was such simple wonder and intelligence in those early volumes. But I think everything changed when he received the Obverse Box. Unfortunately, it remains a mystery as to how he came to be in possession of it, as he doesn’t mention its source in his writings.
— - Jackson Sonnanfeld Arden

Deru worked for over a year and half with milling artist Jon Mendez and industrial engineer Roberto Crespo to bring Mark Wisniowski's design to life. The projector starts off as a single block of walnut, and is transformed through 45 minutes of computer controlled drilling and laser milling.


Available now.  Shipping late summer 2014.